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ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner: AMD And Dell Bring CableCARD To PCs



ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner: AMD And Dell Bring CableCARD To PCs 30273-668x501


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I have no pricing information, but I was told that DELL will be offering the AMD/ATI TV WONDER Digital Cable (OCUR) tuners as a separate …. I have FIOS in South Jersey and want to watch TV on my dell laptop. … Both are network devices that take input from a set-top box and come with software to … I’ve never heard of a cable-card compatible tuner that will work with a laptop … It’s the « ATI Digital Cable Wonder » and it is external, and USB-based.. I am running the Dell 420 with dual ATI CableCards. … While the tech was courteous, he admittedly had never installed a CableCard into a PC before. … arrived ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner on my new Dell XPS 420. … AMD told me Dell is responsible since it shipped OEM as part of a system bondle.. AMD has just announced a new product in its ATI TV Wonder lineup, the … which will then dispatch a tech who will bring the CableCard to your … As a result, AMD expects to see OCUR-compliant PCs from major PC makers like Dell very soon, … PCs with the TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner should become …. According to Matthew Kreiner of ATI TV Wonder product group, The ATI TV Wonder DCT has been under development for nearly five years, with Microsoft heavily involved in the development process. AMD’s box is the first PC device to be certified by CableLabs to offer a CableCARD solution.. So, can i get digital cable with my hauppage qam card? … Also, can i watch TV on my extenders or just on PC. Dell PowerEdge T420 – 8x 6TB in Raid6 … The only DCT right at this moment is the ATI Wonder. … Hauppage has a CableCARD reader/tuner already or is there new technology coming out?. Ati tv wonder digital cable amd and dell bring cablecard to pcs. Ati tv wonder tuner with power cord. Ati tv wonder hd 600 usb digital and analog tv tuner with …. I’m less interested in copying HD DVDs since they will take up too much disk … If you look at this Anandtech article ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner: AMD and Dell Bring CableCARD to Pcs you’ll … Of course the next problem is my PC probably doesn’t have the horsepower to play all HD DVD formats.. We do know that it’s a digital cable TV tuner and that it will support the PC CableCard standard, bringing digital cable, analog cable, and …. I’ve got the XPS420 with dual ATI Digital Cable Tuners (DCT), and I also have … If you don’t need another PC, TiVo HD is the most economical and simple solution. … When you take into account hardware and subscription costs over 5 years, … The ATI Theater 650 PRO Combo Analog/Digital TV Tuner only …. hasn’t been confirmed, reports out of CEDIA showed that AMD didn’t have a lot … Maybe Dell and HP … tuners with new PCs gets us right back to where we were before. … ships a CableCARD tuner the distribution side will be fixed (however, I don’t … New Firmware for ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuners.. CES 2007 – AMD Unveils ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner news post from … This happens to be the world’s first cablecard compatible card which allows for media center PCs to tune and record high-definition digital cable TV. … Dell Inc. « Dell Systems that include the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner …. Cable Card. PCMag, those lucky bastards, have gotten their hands on a Dell XPS410 with a TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner. I am not sure why …. ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner: AMD and Dell Bring CableCARD … on bringing digital cable and CableCARD support to the PC during the …

The Dell XPS 410 with ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner is one of the … This is a working prototype, however; the shipping product may take a bit longer to arrive. I can’t … We’ve been promised CableCard on PCs for years. … Top 10 Graphics cards of 2016 · Asus Unveils Its AMD RX 460 GPU’s in India …. I have a Dell XPS 420 and an ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Turner. … None of the four men had ever put a CableCARD into a computer or computer turner. … :// … I have the same exact PC with the same tuner and yes, it works flawlessly.. The first batch of CableCARD-ready, high-end Media Center PCs is ready … Velocity Micro will be the first PC vendor to bring the new TV Wonder DCT … Unlike the original batches of ATI TV Wonder 650, Velocity claims the AMD TV Wonder … Dell and HP demonstrated AMD TV Wonder Digital Cable PCs …. ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner: AMD and Dell Bring CableCARD to PCs. by Anand Lal Shimpi on April 3, 2007 11:37 AM EST. Posted in; GPUs.. Buy ATI TV Wonder HD 650 Combo USB PC TV Tuner: Internal TV Tuner … digital TV tuner, Over-the-air/Cable Analog TV, ClearQAM Digital HD Cable … Hauppauge WinTV-DCR-2650 Dual Tuner CableCARD Receiver … digital tuners at the same time (be sure to get the latest drivers from the Amd … Laptop Dell M1330.. Still, we’ll take late over never almost all of the time, so we can’t help … Up until now, users have had to purchase an entirely new system from a certified OEM (think Dell, HP, etc.) … add digital cable tuners with CableCARD to a Windows 7-based PC … New Firmware for ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuners.


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